P. A. Rice Mills - Rice Manufacturer


Our unique range of products have attained a collectible status and value with the passage of time. Each product exported by us have to go through strict quality check before they are allowed to become part of range of products offered by us. We are proud to say that with the help of our high quality products we have been able to establish ourselves among the leading producers and exporters of :

Raw Rice
Puffed Rice
Broken Rice
Parboiled Rice
Rice Bran
Rice Husk ash

Both Sorted & Non Sorted quality along with long grain & short grain rice also Broken percentage as per the requirement.

Rice Manufacturer

Quality for us is one of the most important areas and we strongly believe in maintaining a consistent relationship with our clients. Accordingly we supply optimum quality Raw Rice at most reasonable price, to successfully meet any type of requirement that might be present. These raw rice are available in read more...

Puffed Rice Manufacturer

Always striving to provide our customers with superior quality products and world-class customer service, we are here with Puffed Rice. Our prices are very reasonable with a perfect blend of taste and quality used for Snacks and Namkins available in thick and thin size as per the requirement.


Broken Rice Manufacturer

There are very few alternatives available to our healthy and exclusive Broken Rice. The Broken Rice offered by us are like double bonanza offer, providing with benefits like excellent quality at most reasonable price. Food is the most tender and purest entity that god has created in the whole world, so is read more...

Parboiled Rice Manufacturer

The Parboiled Rice offered by us are like double bonanza offer, providing with benefits like excellent quality and that too at most reasonable prices. Attention is paid to each and every possible factor related to Parboiled Rice, so that it results in an optimum quality product. The terms like delicious and read more...